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Rats Exterminator


Rats Exterminator

Rats and mice cause huge problems throughout the world by exploiting the natural environment created by humans. Rodent is part of the most continuous and most dangerous enemy. Where humans go, this rodent joins with him, bringing with him various germs to humans such as plague, jaundice, food poisoning, etc. -other parts of the structure of the building. This rodent bites electrical coupling and causes fires.In places where animals are stored or food is stored, these rodents spread germs and contaminate food by urinating, unclean and feathers.

Rodent’s problem is very complicated, not only does it involve a lot of different environments, but it may also be caused by several species. Rodent, supposedly commensal (Norwegian Rattus norvegicus rat , Rattus rattus roof rat and Mus musculus house mouse) found in most parts of the world has become the main public health issue to emphasize.

Norway Rat

Living on the beach, moving along rivers from place to place. The Norwegian mouse usually reproduces well where humans dispose of excess food including landfills and dams. Besides riversides and riverbanks, Norwegian rats may also be found in abundance in underground level and the bottom of a building located near the beach or river. It is difficult to break the size and weight of an adult Norwegian rat, but these mice are generally reproductive at the age of 2-3 months if their weight is between 150-200g. however, Norwegian rats weighing 300-400g are common.

Malaysia House Rat

The Malaysian House Rat (Rattus rattus diardii) is another species of ordinary mouse. It resembles a rat rat. House mice live on the inside. They are more agile, aggressive and stronger than Norwegian rats, and can climb walls of buildings or run from one structure to another. He prefers to live nesting under the roof. The numbers may increase rapidly in areas such as food vendors and markets where there is plenty of food, water and shelter. Malaysian house mice are usually brown, with an average body weight of 150g at the age of 2-3 months and between 200-300g at the peak of their lives.

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