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Asian House Shrew Exterminator


Asian House Shrew Exterminator

Asian house shrew is always misunderstood as rodent. According to the house in Malaysia suncus murinus (Linnaeus). He usually has a smoke-gray color, with a long tail that looks hairless. It weighs about 40-80g. Both humans and cats do not like custard of the house due to the strong odor of the musk. The mature female has three pairs of mammals, located in two short lines in the groin.

Asian house shrew can be found in trenches, parks, houses and outside the building during the day or night. He usually does not climb. Inside the house he is usually close to a wall, walking around an open area. Adult cursing has a loud voice, squeaks loudly and its food consists of invertebrate, especially large insects, including cockroaches.

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