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Termite Treatment


Termite Treatment

Termites are insects included in the order Isoptera. Termites are highly social insects, which is because they live and work in groups that have a large number of members working together. These groups are known as colonies. Termites also have a highly organized system of functions and tasks. Different types of termites perform different tasks, known as castes.

The basic castes in a colony are queens, kings, workers, soldiers and knights. Generally, there are only one queen and king in a colony that breed to increase their numbers to all the other members of the colony. Caste workers are responsible for collecting groceries, and feeding other castes by consuming food. The caste also carried out all construction and construction and repaired the foundation and nest structure. Soldiers defend the colony from insect by insect by predatory enemies such as ants, and have large jaws, sticky fluid or chemical spray to defend their colonies. Workers and soldiers sometimes come in two or three very different sizes. When there are two or three sizes, the large and the small are known as workers or major and minor soldiers.

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