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Mosquitoes Killer


Mosquitoes Killer

There are about 3450 species and subspecies of mosquitoes, all of which belong to 38 genera. All of them belong to the Culicidae family which are distributed to three subfamily i.e. Toxorhyncholinae, Anofelin and Kulsin. Sprinkles of mosquitoes in almost all over the world are found in all tropical regions and simple climates stretching to the Arctic Heritage. Mosquitoes are known not only from Antarctica and a number of islands. Due to their diverse nature, mosquitoes may colonize many different environments. The larvae can be found in ponds, brackish water, polluted water, rice paddies, traces of man-made, main holes, axillary leaves and various other aquatic habitats. Adult mosquitoes can be found in almost all types of ecology, from forests, town areas, land cultivated up to the desert desert. Mosquitoes may be more recognizable as compared to everywhere other insects because mosquitoes are a strong intruder that bites, but more importantly because mosquitoes have a vector of human and herd disease.

In Malaysia there are approximately 434 species and subspecies of mosquitoes belonging to 20 genera. However, only the genus Anofelin, Aedes, Kuleks and Mansonia are important in terms of treatment.

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