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Housefly Treatment


Housefly Treatment

Ordinary house flies, Musca domestic L, are scattered in most places in the world. They are usually found in close contact with human habitation and are spread widely in tropical countries. This species is commonly found in evenly distributed places with humans and has adapted itself very well to the human environment. The city environment, despite the rapid investment and industry, is not exempt from the misery of this pest, which has adapted itself to the domestic way of life which forms a shared form with humans. Until now, housefly is still a serious problem.

In Malaysia, other than the housefly, Musca domestica, housefly sinantropik others such as Musca sorbens, Chrysonya megacephala, Chrysomya rufifacies, Lucilia cuprina, species Sarcophaga species Ophyra and species many others are in the lowland and upland, especially in a chickens’, cows’, pigs’ farm and agriculture, landfills and slaughterhouses. All of these flies are both a nuisance and contributory factor for the transmission of certain diseases such as cholera, ministerial and febrile fever through food caused by their nature. Flies are produced on any decomposing matter, human stool and animal fertilizer.

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